The Dewey Fund

Please support our work in providing critical care to end suffering and save lives by contributing to the Dewey Fund.

About the Dewey Fund

As both a rescue operation and true no-kill shelter, part of Scruffy Paws’ core mission is to save cats and kittens from extremely difficult circumstances and give them a chance to live comfortable lives. The medical cost for animals in critical condition often runs into thousands of dollars over the standard cost of care for those who arrive healthy.

While social media fundraising often helps with individual cases, the need to fund all medical expenses often falls short leaving us with the painful decision to limit the number of cats we can help. The goal of the Dewey Fund is maintain an emergency and critical care fund substantial enough to assure that cases like Dewey and so many others will receive the care they need. No cat or kitten should suffer for lack of medical care.

The establishment of this fund came about just as we learned that our sweet Dewey was to become a hospice kitty. While we couldn’t save him we know that he did not continue to suffer from his injuries and perish alone. Dewey left this world knowing kindness, warmth and love.

Named in memory of Dewey, this fund will serve Scruffy Paws cats and kittens in need of extended or complex medical and/or hospice care. Like our Dewey, they all deserve the best care possible, and for those we cannot save, to at least feel love in their final hour.

Please help us help them.

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Mr. Heart

Folks, we need your help with a very special boy.  Say hello to Mr. Heart, one of our newest rescues.💚

Mr. Heart

Mr. Heart was found outside at a local landfill.  A landfill we have rescued SO many kittens/cats from over the years.  The felines rescued, are generally in rough shape, Mr. Heart is no exception. 😞  Here is why: The kittens/cats found there are often brought in from dumpsters from all over. They consume whatever they can find nearby to survive, nasty and deadly things found at a dump.  They encounter the mother load of parasites due to location.  They are sometimes injured from machinery.  It’s just a sad situation all around for these guys.  All we can do is be grateful we have a good working relationship with the folks there that call us immediately when a newbie shows up.

Mr. Heart had to belong to someone at some point in his life.  He is like a big buff teddy bear.  Our shelter veterinarian estimates Mr. Heart to be approximately 8 years old.  Why is his name Mr. Heart you ask?  Well, along with having a severe Upper Respiratory Infection, a heavy parasitic load, FIV+, SEVERE periodontal disease with gingivitis and oral pain, an ear hematoma, Mr. Heart also tested light positive for heartworms. Then of course there is the fact that he just steals everyone’s heart when you initially meet him.  It’s like he puts this love spell on you upon looking into his big beautiful green eyes. Careful when you look at his picture, you will also succumb to his love spell. 😻

As Mr. Heart starts on a course of antibiotics to overcome some of his medical issues, he desperately needs a dental procedure.  Mr. Heart is in EXTREME pain when eating.  He will often take a few bites and then run off screaming in pain.  It’s horrible to watch and even more horrible to hear.  We are hoping the antibiotics and pain meds give him some relief while he heals from his Upper Respiratory Infection and gets on the dental schedule.  As mentioned above, Mr. Heart has SEVERE periodontal disease.  Our shelter veterinarian is recommending he has a FULL mouth extraction and also has some roots that need to be extracted. This is such a big procedure, she is setting a half day aside for Mr. Heart on one of her Saturdays off just to eliminate his pain.  We are so grateful this poor cat will not have to wait months for this procedure.

Mr. Heart’s veterinary expenses are expected to reach $2500. 🙀 No cat or kitten should suffer for lack of medical care.  Mr. Heart is a perfect example of why the Dewey Fund is so important and why we could desperately use your help. Please!🤞

Mr. Heart needs a lot of medical help.  He needs to be neutered, bloodwork, dental x-rays, his dental procedure, vaccinations (once healthy enough), long course of antibiotics, pain medications, special bloodwork to follow-up on his heartworm diagnosis and follow-ups. All of this extensive medical care adds up quickly, luckily, Mr. Heart is worth every penny.😊 He is going to make an excellent lap kitty once he is all recovered! 

If you would like to donate towards Mr. Hearts medical expenses, please click the button below, and indicate “Mr. Heart’s medical expenses” in the note section.

We will keep you all updated on Mr. Hearts progress. He is in foster care with one of our shelter managers getting completely spoiled, and is safe and warm. 💚

Please help us help them.

Donate to the Dewey Fund today.

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👉Venmo @ScruffyPawsAnimalRescue.  Please indicate “Mr.Heart’s medical expenses” in the note section.

👉Send a check to 2944 Post Rd Warwick, RI 02886. Please indicate “Mr.Heart’s medical expenses” in the note section.

👉Send us a message if you wish to donate in person!

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Dewey’s Story

Dewey, Forever in our Hearts!

When he arrived at Scruffy Paws, it was hard to believe what we saw. With injuries from head to toe, including raw paw pads and a gaping wound on his hind quarter, Dewey was one of the worst cases we had seen. He was frightened, hurting, starving and defensive. However, he quickly learned to trust again and proved to be the most lovable boy who constantly wanted to be picked up and held.

Our shelter medical team worked for months to heal Dewey’s wounds and looked forward to the day when he would be ready to head off to a warm loving forever home. He was a shining star in everyone’s day at the shelter, and he was doing so well and feeling so much better until, one day, he stopped eating and began to rapidly lose weight. An x-ray showed a mass in his abdomen. He was immediately scheduled for surgery, but pre-surgical bloodwork showed such poor results it was felt he would not survive the procedure. How could this be? Hadn’t he been through enough? Our sweet Dewey, who we thought was destined to heal and live his life in a warm loving home, had suddenly become our hospice kitty.

It happened so fast. Our beautiful sweet, joyful Dewey left this world in the arms of the team who had so lovingly cared for him, leaving behind a trail of broken hearts.

We love and miss our Dewey and we know his gentle spirit will envelop all of those who will benefit from the fund named in his memory.

Please help us help them.

Donate to the Dewey Fund today.