About Scruffy Paws Animal Rescue

Scruffy Paws Animal Rescue was established in 2017 to help stray cats who were taken into Trap- Neuter- Release (TNR) programs, but found to be tame or tamable, by providing them with a safe place to stay until they could be adopted into loving homes rather than being released back to the rigors of outdoor life. Our philosophy is every cat and kitten deserves a chance to be safe, healthy and loved.

From our humble beginnings as a foster-only program, Scruffy Paws has grown into a rescue, shelter and medical facility, providing cats and kittens saved from the streets with complete veterinary exams, spay/neuter surgeries, vaccinations, parasite treatments, microchips, ear tips (for feral cats), shelter, food and love.

Using our statewide network of partnerships with animal control centers, municipal and private shelters, trappers, veterinarians and volunteers, we make every effort to assure that cats and kittens from the streets find a safe place within our own shelter/foster program or at another facility where space is available. This sometimes involves helping to coordinate large-scale rescue efforts such as clusters of stray cats within a community and hoarding cases.

The cats and kittens we rescue are frequently in need of medical treatment and other services that extend far beyond the standard care given to all Scruffy Paws’ intakes. Our small staff, veterinarians and team of volunteers take on these challenges with full hearts, and will not triage treatment based on cost only. From bottle-fed kittens that require round-the-clock care to treating extensive injuries and serious illness, Scruffy Paws provides the very best for those most in need. We are filled with gratitude for all who support these efforts, including contributors to our Dewey Fund.

Meet the Team

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