Happy Tails!

Hannah & Miracle: The Landfill Kitties

It happens more often than we ever want to think – kittens found in a landfill, starving, covered in fleas and filth, sick and crying for help. Such was the case with Hannah and Miracle, tiny kittens who were found at different times but in the same condition. Lucky for Hannah, she was found in the warmer weather, but for Miracle, it was the dead of winter when her tiny limp form, along with that of her sister, entered the care of Scruffy Paws. Sadly, it was too late for Miracle’s sister, she tried, but just couldn’t make it. Miracle screamed for her sister and could not be consoled – she needed comfort, and fast. Off she went to the home of one of our shelter managers who was fostering Hannah and and another landfill kitty named Enzo. Hannah and Miracle quickly became best friends, sleeping, playing and most importantly, healing together. The inseparable Hannah and Miracle were adopted together and are a constant source of joy to their family who gives them all the love and care they deserve.